Group Therapy

As a part of my counselling services I conduct an ongoing therapy group with a colleague in Vancouver BC. Membership in the group is available as space comes up and anyone is welcome to enquire about participation at any time.

The group’s purpose is to create a community to support self-exploration, healthy development, and authentic contact with others.

Rather than having a fixed agenda, each session focuses on the issues most important to group members on the day. Some examples of issues that come up are relationships, shame and self- expression, grief and loss, isolation and depression, family dynamics and trauma recovery.

Some of the benefits of group therapy are the opportunities for in-depth exploration into interpersonal dynamics and for honest feedback and support from group members in a safe and caring environment. It also provides a sense of connection and a way to deal with different perspectives and resolve conflicts.

The group has no more than 10 members at any given time and meets once a week over 40 weeks of the year. There is a two-week break at Christmas and Easter, and an eight-week break during the summer period.

In order to assist in the development of the groups goals, a minimum four month commitment is required.

To register call me at:
(604) 874-8528